Modern Periodic Table of Elements with Names and Symbols

What is the Modern Periodic Table

The modern periodic table is the representation of all the chemical elements in a tabular form. They are arranged in the order of their increasing atomic number, their recurring chemical properties and their electron configuration.

Who Has Given The Modern Periodic Table?

Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev has invented the periodic table. He has put all the chemical elements in order of their atomic mass that corresponds to their relative molar mass. He arranged the all the chemical elements in the increasing order of their atomic number.

How Are The Elements Arranged In The Modern Periodic Table

The periodic table of elements arranges the entire world of a chemical element in a particular order. Elements are put from left to right and from top to bottom in order of their increasing atomic number which coincides with increasing atomic mass. The rows in the table are given the name of periods. The periodic number of an element represents the highest level of energy an electron possesses.

Number of an electron in a period increases as one look downward at the modern periodic table. Therefore as the level of energy of an atom increases the number of its sub-level energy level also increases.

Modern Periodic Table PDF

If are looking for a modern periodic table of elements and what to know what is a modern periodic table of elements, you are in the right place because you will get the PDF of the modern periodic table here. You can click and download it from below.

Modern Periodic Table Chart

If you are a student of chemistry, you must have heard about the modern periodic table. The chart of the modern periodic table that we are providing is surely going to help you understand the arrangement of an element of chemistry in a better way. You can download the chart by clicking the option below.

Modern Periodic Table With Names

The periodic table that we are providing below is arranged according to their atomic mass along with it contains the atomic mass of the elements.

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