Various Types of Find Valency of Elements

The definition of the valency of an element is the total number of hydrogen atoms that are able to replace or combine with other atoms (Either directly or indirectly) of an element. We can say that the valency is the total number of electrons that one atom of the element loses in order to combine […]

How To Find Atomic Mass of Elements  

The mass of an atom of the element is called the atomic mass. It includes the mass of three subatomic substances that make a single atom which consists of an electron, neutron and proton. It can be expressed in grams but since the atom has a very less mass, It is not possible to express in grams. […]

List of Non-Metals with Symbols and Their Uses in Periodic Table

List of Non-Metals and Their Uses Following are the non-metals and their uses; Nitrogen- It is used in manufacturing ammonia Oxygen- is used in breathing cylinders. Neon- used in different types of lights. Chlorine- It is used in bleaching powder and liquid bleach. Argon- Same as neon it is used in lights. Krypton- Along with […]

IUPAC Periodic Table of Elements with Name

IUPAC is the abbreviation for International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. It is the international scientific organization which is not affiliated by any institute or government organization. The IUPAC aims to bring advancement in chemistry and setting global standards for names, symbols, and units of all the chemical elements. An estimate of 1000- 1200 chemists […]

Labeled Periodic Table of Elements with Name

The Periodic Table put all the chemical elements in a systematic manner that is in a tabular form. The elements are arranged in order of their recurring chemical properties, electron configuration and increasing atomic number. The atomic number can be defined as a number of neutron and proton present in the nuclei of an element. […]

What Is The Periodic Table & Its Importance

Periodic Table of elements is the table in which all the chemical elements that are known to mankind are arranged in a proper order. The order is the recurring chemical properties, increasing the order of an element’s atomic number and configuration of an electron. A periodic table is considered as the significant tool in the history […]

Printable Periodic Table With Atomic Number

Periodic Table with Atomic Number A periodic table is a table that includes all the elements of the chemistry that are known to the mankind. In this table, all the chemical elements are placed in the particular order that is according to the configuration of an electron, recurring chemical properties and increasing order or their […]

Valency For All the Elements In Periodic Table

Periodic Table with Valency The periodic table of the element is the table which arranges all the chemical elements in a particular order. That order is in increasing order of their atomic number, electron configuration and recurring chemical properties. It is the tabular representation of all the chemical elements. Non-metals are placed on the right-hand […]

Periodic Table Element With Atomic Mass And Atomic Number

The table that arranges all the chemical elements is called the periodic table of elements. It arranges all the element according to the increasing order of their atomic number, recurring chemical properties and electron configuration. Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist has given this periodic table of elements. Atomic Mass of First 30 Elements Periodic table’s […]

Modern Periodic Table of Elements with Names and Symbols

What is the Modern Periodic Table The modern periodic table is the representation of all the chemical elements in a tabular form. They are arranged in the order of their increasing atomic number, their recurring chemical properties and their electron configuration. Who Has Given The Modern Periodic Table? Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev has invented the […]